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Judy has the experience to guide you...

in Writing & Editing-

Judy has a graduate degree in Journalism, post-graduate education in creative writing and communication, and 25-plus years’ experience writing in a wide variety of styles: technical, news reporting, blogging, marketing, speech writing, composition, correspondence, academic, etc. Judy has authored a novel (available on Amazon) and a recent children’s book. Her favorite pastime is reading and studying about the English language and good writing. It never gets old!

in English as a Second Language training-

As an ESL instructor, Judy has rich multicultural experience and a gift for teaching immersion English. She believes that to learn English quickly, the learner needs to enjoy lively sessions and have interesting resources, as opposed to the sometimes dull textbooks and online resources offered up to ESL students. 


Judy has taught students of all age and skill levels — from elementary to college students and professionals — how to speak so that audiences will listen. She has written speeches, given speeches and advised senior leaders in press relations at the Pentagon. Her curriculum includes the following: knowing your audience, delivery techniques, research, speech construction, using presentation aids and incorporating magical language. 

in job-hunting SKILLS-

Judy taught college-level career fitness programs, with subjects including business communication, resume/cover letter writing, interviewing skills, self-assessment, and job search strategies. She also taught workshops on career transition.

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